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We're thrilled to kick off our new Employee Experience Interview Series, where we delve into the perspectives of our team members and their unique journey at our company. In these interviews, we explore what initially drew them to join our organization and the factors that have contributed to their longevity. Our first interviewee, Senior Product Marketing Manager Autumn Konovalski, shares her insights on what makes 11:59 appealing, describing how the company emerged during a period of profound changes in the corporate landscape. She highlights the team's sense of hope and promise, fueled by our continuous expansion in a challenging environment. The series also delves into the company's culture and work environment, leadership style, and opportunity for professional growth. Our employees are excited about embracing change, seizing opportunities, and pivoting when needed, all while maintaining a refreshing sense of unity.

What initially attracted you to work at this company, and what has made you stay?

I think 11:59 is appealing to me because it emerged during a time of significant changes in corporate America. The company embodies a large team of hopeful individuals, and there's a sense of promise in the air. Despite the challenges many companies face, we're expanding and that instills a lot of hope for the future. There's also a clear sense of opportunity.

How would you describe the company culture and work environment?

Our culture is highly collaborative, which is quite exciting given the current landscape of changes happening globally. We're adaptable and open to change, embracing the challenges that come our way. We're always exploring and pivoting when necessary, which I find incredibly refreshing.

What opportunities for growth and development have you had within the company?

Oh, there have been many exciting opportunities. One standout was during our rebranding process. Our marketing team had the chance to showcase our broad skills and collaborate closely. I personally worked on projects like refining LinkedIn profiles and enhancing social media presence, even partnering with the People Ops team for video content. The rebranding initiative allowed us to shine and contribute to the company's transformation.

Any notable achievements or experiences during your time here that you're particularly proud of?

Absolutely. The rebranding effort was a significant achievement. Being part of the Go-to-Market team and contributing to research for buyer personas was really fulfilling. Additionally, the upcoming projects in Go-to-Market strategies and expanding our LinkedIn presence have me very excited. Our ability to achieve the rebranding success in such a short time frame truly speaks to our team's determination and creativity.

How would you describe the leadership style and management support within the organization?

I would say our leadership is nimble, collaborative, and hopeful. In a time of growth and change, they lead by example and encourage the same spirit within the teams. Their transparency has been essential in accomplishing the rebrand and other projects. This style empowers us to tackle challenges and make decisions quickly, all while fostering a sense of unity.

Is there anything else about your experience at 11:59 that you'd like to highlight

Yes, definitely. Despite being a company focused on tech and government, we have a surprising amount of creativity. We're unique in our ability to harness creativity, which allows us to stand out in unexpected ways. This creativity empowers us to adapt quickly and achieve impressive results, something that sets us apart from other organizations.




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August 11, 2023
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